Personal Loan by Tata Capital


A Personal loan is an attractive loan option that you can avail for various purposes without pledging any collateral. Whether you want to finance a medical emergency, take a much-needed family vacation, or give your home a long-awaited makeover, a personal loan allows you to tackle your urgent financial needs with utmost ease. Looking for an instant way to fund your larger expenses? Get an instant personal loan!


At Tata capital, we strive to ease your financial worries with our range of multipurpose personal loans online. Get affordable and unsecured personal finance of up to Rs. 35 lakhs at attractive interest rates. The best part? We have made the loan process extremely convenient for you with our digital application process and easy-to-meet eligibility criteria.


  • Loan amount offered

    ₹75,000 – ₹35,00,000

  • Loan tenure

    Upto 6 Years

  • Interest rate starting @

    10.99% p.a

Personal Loan charges

Processing Fee

The processing fee is a non-refundable fee levied by lenders while processing your personal loan application. You are charged this one-time fee even if the loan does not get sanctioned. At Tata Capital, you are charged up to 3.5% of the loan amount + GST.

Penal Interest/Additional Interest

Penal interest is the rate of interest lenders charge on a delayed EMI payment. You are then required to pay the outstanding instalment inclusive of the additional interest on a personal loan. The penal interest at Tata Capital is levied at 3% per month on the overdue amount. 

The following miscellaneous charges are also involved under personal loans –

Interest rate table

*Final ROI may vary based on credit checks and other parameters

Getting a low interest personal loan is preferable for reducing your interest outgo and overall costs. Availability of loans can depend on numerous factors; make sure to consider them before applying. You can also use a personal loan EMI calculator to understand to calculate your principal EMIs and interest payable and plan your repayment.


SalariedAny amount10.99%* onwards



Miscellaneous charges

  • Bounce Charges

    These are those charges that are levied in case of an EMI bounce per instance. In other words, these charges are levied when you miss a personal loan EMI payment due to inadequate funds in your bank account. At Tata Capital, you’ll be required to pay Rs. 600 for every Cheque/Payment Instrument Dishonour.

  • Mandate Rejection Service Charge

    Charges will be levied if new mandate form is not registered within 30 days from the date of rejection of previous mandate form by Borrower’s bank for any reason whatsoever. Tata Capital charges a nominal amount of Rs. 450 + GST.

  • CCOD Annual Maintenance Charges

    CCOD Annual maintenance charges are the charges levied on those who have chosen a flexible funding option such as PL Overdraft. It is charged for the maintenance of the Overdraft limit. At Tata Capital, 0.25% of reduced assigned limit OR Rs.1000/- (whichever is higher) shall be payable at the end of the 13th month.

  • Outstation Collection Charges

    If the cheque, you have issued for payment has been made to a non-local branch, Tata Capital will levy an outstation collection charge for the collection of such cheques. Tata Capital charges Rs. 100 + GST per repayment instrument.

  • Statement of Accounts

    Lenders charge a certain amount to issue your Statement of Account – a statement having a list of all transactions made in your loan account during a given period. At Tata Capital, you will be charged only if you ask for a hard copy in case of branch walk-in at Rs. 250 + GST. Downloading a statement of account on the portal is free of cost.

  • Loan Cancellation Charges

    If you wish to cancel your personal loan immediately following the process of loan disbursement, then you are charged a loan cancellation charge. Tata Capital levies 2% of the Loan Amount/ Facility amount OR Rs. 5750/- (whichever is higher)

  • Payment Instrument Swapping Charges

    If you wish to exchange or swap your eMandate or post-dated cheques from another account for EMI repayment purpose you will be charged Rs. 550 + GST per instance.

  • Duplicate Repayment Schedule

    Tata Capital will share a welcome letter with Repayment Schedule post availing of Personal Loan. In case you need a duplicate statement of the Repayment Schedule you will be charged Rs. 550 + GST per instance.

  • Duplicate NOC

    If you need to apply for a duplicate No Objection Certificate (NOC) due to any reason, Tata Capital will issue a new one in your name for a charge of Rs. 550 along with the GST charge.

Part-payment charges

  • Part Payment Charges

    • Part Prepayment is allowed once per year and the minimum gap between two-part prepayments to be six months.
    • A maximum of 50% of the principal outstanding is allowed by way of part prepayment during a single year.
    • A part prepayment charges of 2.5% shall be applicable on amount over and above 25% of principal outstanding and up to maximum 50% of principal outstanding
    • No part payment is allowed during the first 12 months (Lock-in period).
    • Minimum Part prepayment amount to be greater than or equal to 2 months EMI.
  • Foreclosure Charges

    • Lock-in Period: 12 months from the date of first disbursement.
    • 4.5% of the principal outstanding at the time of foreclosure.
    • 2% extra of the principal outstanding to be levied if closed within lock-in period
  • Foreclosure Charges for Top-Up

    • 2.50% on the future principal outstanding on existing loan.
    • Foreclosure charges shall be levied only if new rate is lower than existing rate.
    • Lock-in Period: 12 months from the date of first disbursement. 2% extra of the principal outstanding to be levied if closed within lock-in period.
  • Foreclosure Charges in CCOD Cases

    • Lock-in Period: 12 months from the date of first disbursement.
    • 4.5% on the Dropped down limit amount.
    • Any prepayment/ foreclosure made during the Lock-in Period will attract additional 2% over and above the prepayment/foreclosure charges mentioned above on the Dropped down limit.
  • Foreclosure Letter Charges

    • Soft Copy – Nil
    • Branch Walk-In – Rs. 199 + GST